Blind Horse Knives Large Tiger Knapp in O1

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Mar 29, 2007
Bought this from LT Wright at a gun show at least 10 years ago. Carried and used some, little patina, no rust/corrosion. Wrapped the handle in hockey stick tape right away and I have no reason to believe there is anything underneath but will gladly remove and post pics for anybody serious about buying it. I carried it with a D ring connected to the split ring on the sheath. The sheath is the 1st generation with the better design, it's tight kydex with an adjustment screw. Knife is very sharp with original edge. OAL is just shy of 6.5"

IMG_1533.JPG IMG_1534.JPG IMG_1535.JPG

I reserve the right to sell ( I look for positive feedback/BF presence beyond a year etc) to whomever I wish, I will generally sell to the first person who unequivocally says "I will take ______" here in this thread. Email me any questions/offers please, do not post questions/offers in thread.
$70 Paypal shipped (I cover shipping and PP fees) CONUS only, no trades offers please.
Thanks for looking and here's a link to a reduced-price Lionsteel SR series.

Edit: just realized I posted to folders for sale, if a kind mod could please move and have my apologies as well, thanks!
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