BM 330 / 330S (Pardue, Mel)

Oct 20, 1999
Looking for any input, positive or otherwise, regarding I knife I recently purchased.

I went with the satin finish, plain edge, Benchmade, Mel Pardue, 330 "Gentlemen's Folder."

The knife is for my boss at work and will be used primarily for opengin boxes, letters, and routine cutting tasks around the shop. Keep in mind, we are in suits some of the time, and aren't the types to get down and dirty ripping a knife to pieces.

Just looking for any info you guys may have...


Stay Sharp!
Steve in NYC
It's a great little knife.The only one I feel comfortable carrying on a plane.Mine was very sharp out of the box.
hi all,
i have one in pearl and must say it is an attractive little knife. i preferred the plain edged one. it's simplistically elegant, and as another forumite has said (because of it's design) it almost resembles a mini Sebenza the way the liner is and how the handle material sets off the liners as bolsters. The carbon fiber one sounds like a winner too. just my 2

take it easy and (tell your boss to) enjoy it


I purchased a BM330 last year and fiddled with it for a few days before returning it. I felt the knife opened too easily for a pocketknife. With the pivot tightened just enough to easily open with one hand, a light pinch load or impact to the exposed corner near the pivot end caused the blade to partially open. With the knife I had, the pivot had to be tightened to the point where opening with one hand became too difficult in order to avoid the premature opening.

I envisioned a situation where the knife would be in my pocket, I would bump a tool drawer closed with my thigh, and later receive a nasty cut.

I would recommend a leather pocket pouch with the knife.

I was very disappointed because it is a wonderful pocketknife otherwise.

BTW, I have 3 other BM's...705,710,720.

The 705 is now my primary knife for everyday carry.

I have a plain edged 330 in my pocket as I type. A great little knife that is flat in the pocket, holds an edge well, and cuts quite nicely. You made an excellent choice.