BM 650S Pre-production

Dec 2, 2001
I have a Benchmade 650S marked PRE-PRODUCTION 052 OF 500. It also has the "designed by McHenry and Williams" etch on the same side. It has an ATS-34 blade and matte black aluminum scales. Is this one desirable? It's unused and still in the box. I forgot how long ago it was that I bought it, but it's been a few years. Any help appreciated, thanks!!
I'm an idiot. After getting out the correct box, I see the model no. is 710. This one is has a satin finish and a plain edge. Again, thanks for any help.
Yes, that is a good score. The standard run had G-10 scales, and they did a later limited run in aluminum. Benchmade has a forum you can link to from their website that might give you more information, but considering that it is the first run of an Axis model it should hold some value.
Here is what I think is correct about the different handles on the 710.

Originally, the 710 was designed with the Aluminum handles, NOT the G-10 handles. The prototypes, pre-pros, and some of the normal run all started off with aluminum handles. From what I've read, there were only a couple hundred of the Aluminum handles made in the regular production run. They then switched over to the G-10 handles. I do not know the reason why.


Forward to 2001. BM released a run of 710-SPL with the aluminum handles. The quickest way to tell the SPL from the original run, the SPL has 154CM. The original run was ATS-34. There are other smaller differences between the two also, such as screws, that changed between that time.


patryn is 100% right, i have a 710 prototype w/the alum handles, i read in tac knives "almost 400" were made, kind of a unusual knife, are they worth a premium? my prototype is worth more than a pre-pro, and it would be worth maybe $120 or so, about $10-$20 over a std 710, imho anyway. usually the pre-pro BM's arent worth any more than a std model, USUALLY, anyway.