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BM 750 Pinnacle or R.E.K.A.T. Pioneer II

Mar 31, 1999
Considering buying one of these knifes for utility use in a warehouse. Been looking for a couple of weeks. Knife will not cut much rope but, will be used on cardboard boxes, plastic straps etc. I have a couple of Benchmade knives that I rotate carrying now. They are quality knives. A friend says buy the REKAT! Other knives in the $100 range I should look at? Will I get a better deal at the Blade show next month or should I order from a online company now? Thanks for the help.
C3, so your interest was peaked by the REKAT, hmmm. Sorry if your choice has gotten tougher, just trying to help out.

You might want to consider size and blade style preferences. The Pinnacle is listed at 3.6", and if you like the recurve is a great blade style. The Pioneer is a little smaller at 3.2", but gives you a choice of blade styles. The REKAT is also half an ounce heavier, but on a guy like me that is just throwing the deck chairs off of the Titanic.

I don't own the Pinnacle so cannot recomend it, but I sold a drop point P1 to a co-worker, and he loves it. A very tough knife being abused by a madman every day. If it survives the season I will pick up a P2, maybe a swept point, and I will give it a test run.

Let us know what you decide on. Have fun.

I just ordered a REKAT P2 swept point for utility chores. I should have it by early june, so I can let you know how I like it then. I got it for under $100 from Discount Knives. You can also search for REKAT or Pioneer and see what other people say about it.
Tough choice, I like both knives. And neither are liner locks, always a big plus. The locks on both are very well-done.

I personally would lean towards the Pinnacle. It's one of the best production knives made. The lock is rock solid. I find I like the Pinnacle's locking mechanism better than the Pioneer's front lever (I favor the side-lock version of the rolling lock). I also like that you get much more blade in a slightly lighter package with the Pinnacle. I've also thought a bit more highly of the Pinnacle's fit & finish. The one downside of the Pinnacle -- it'll be a bit tougher to sharpen, until you get the hang of sharpening a recurved blade.

Still, this is another case of "I wouldn't make fun of you if you got the other". This is a great time for production knife buyers, so many great choices!
Specifically for warehouse use (cardboard boxes and plastic tie-wraps and stuff), the best choice is the Spyderco Merlin/Harpy with the "hawk's beek" shaped blade.

I own a small Cricket with the same blade tip and it is much easier to use for such chores compared to the more traditional blade shapes.
Pinnacle all the way. I use it hard every day and get a great performance. Rekat knives perform well and are made well, but there is just no substitute for a Benchmade. Good luck, let us know what you get.

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Thanks for the input. Have not been able to decide so, I'm now trying to talk the "Boss" into letting me pick up both. Guess I'm gonna wait until the Blade show and see if I can get a deal.
Does the Pioneer II have the front lever for the rolling lock, or the sliding lock on the side of the handle?

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I went to my local knife dealer completely expecting to pick up a BM Pinnacle. On both of the Pinnacles I looked at the blade rubbed on the liner. The action of the knife was pretty smooth and lock-up was very sold though. In the end I bought a large Sebenza he had in stock that day (they are usally gone in 1-2days). If you can get a good specimin than the Pinnacle is the way to go.
BTW: does the REKAT have a pocket clip?
The Pioneer 2 has the sliding lock on the handle and has a pocket clip. I know blade auctions had a pic of the black coated clip and tanto point pioneer 2, but I'm not sure if they are still up.
Thanks for the info Taz. I wish I had a little more money to burn. I'd like to get the P2, in a drop pt. But, alas, too many knives, too little 'dough'.

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