BM 940 Osborne: first impression

Oct 5, 1998
Hi all,
I picked up a 940 Osborne yesterday.

I'm happy to say that I'm satisfied with the overal fit and finish. Blade lockup is great, no blade wobble, and the action is suprisingly smooth.

I really like the anodized Aluminum, and also the backspacer. It makes for a nice looking all around dress up dress down dress all the way around knife. With the liners milled into the handle scales it also makes the knife thinner and lighter than most of the one's I've handled in its size range. This is a Plus to me. I also like the reverse tanto very much. I am a fan of the warncliffe and variants, and this blade is much like that in form.

This is my first Axis lock, I'm quite happy with the way the lock works. I hadn't realized that the lock also works when you close the blade, instead of a ball detent. It holds the blade securly closed, and still lets go of it with just a small amount of pressure. It opens very easy, and when open its nice and solid.

I like the tip up carry, I wouldn't want this on every knife I have, but the way that the blade is held in the closed position makes me very confident that the blade wont come open in my pocket. It also keeps the clip out of the way on the other side of the knife (since the lock is ambi, the clip can be moved to the other side making the knife truly ambi)so that you can easily reach the thumb stud.

I went for the plain silver blade with serrations. I have not had real good performance out of BM's black coating so I didnt bother with it.

So my first impression is:
Overall I like the knife very much.
Its thin, light, and of good design.

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Johnnie - glad you like the 940! Of all the Axis Locks BM has made so far, this one's my favorite. It's refreshingly non-tactical!

Brian - the blade is double ground.

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Dex, I agree, non-tac is nice.

Also light enough to put in a shirt pocket.

Brian, as Dexter said, double ground.
Is it any thinner (handle thickness) than the other axis knives of similar size, ie. 720/730? I wondered how they got the weight down tounder 3oz. Is that a missprint on BM's site?

I've been waiting to handle one. No shop in my area has them.
The 940 is .400" thick. The 730 is .555" thick. My 721 (w/ G-10 scales) measures .500". The 710 is .484". And 3 ounces is the correct weight.
Thanks for the info Bertrand. That's one dimension I really wish they would list.