BM 940 SBT Torture Test

Oct 20, 1999
422 we crying...

First, thank Chief for coming through again, twice in as many weeks, with hard to fine pieces of cutlery.

I plan on carrying this knife EVERYDAY as my primary cutting tool. I am going from carrying a REKAT Pioneer II for months, followed by an LCC for about a week. (great week though!!!)

The knife came to me too loose. I plan to tighten up the pivot right after testing. I will tell you this...IT IS FAST!!! Lightening quick action, second only to my well broken in AFCK. U can actually open the knife just by engaging the lock, and turning the knife upside down. No clicking, nothing that seems detrimental to the knife..I just dont like ANY utility knife this loose. I want to get it so that the blade will not fall free once lock is engaged. However, the knife was just fine like this, with no lock problems throughout the test, even though the knife seemed REALLY LOOSE for me!!!

BM QC seems to be great on this piece, even though I KNOW Chief wouldn't let a so-so piece out of his establishment. BT2 was even and lightly oiled with no scratches evident with and without magnification. Clip is straight and tight. Stop pins are clean, and new. Blade is centered. Spacer is a sweet shade of purple-nice aesthetic touch. Torx hardware is all new and clean. There were NO tooling marks on the knife. Blade grind was even and smooth. Seemed wider than I am used to. Thumb studs are on both sides. Only one pivot adj screw.

Knife is tip up only! I no like this! Clip is reversible for left hand users though. Handle is GREEN!!! I mean GREEN!!! I would much rather prefer black annodized then this, but it is...different. Handle is AWESOME though, lending a terrific purchase in any grip I try. It was great when wet, barely slipping in slicing tomatoes while covered in gunk.

Blade design; reverse tanto, seems promising. I prefer tanto style in almost all applications, even as a skinner. I am more comfortable with the design, and nearly every knife, except AFCK and Spydies, are Tanto style. Provided tremendous piercing power;digging three inches deep into double folded shipping cardboard...WITH LITTLE EFFORT!!! This is almost as good as my Colluden with a needle point!!! Serrations along with the rest of the blade were very sharp, as expected, and even though I NVR sharpen serrations, I feel that these will hold up as well as those on ALL of my other BM's. Remember, BM will service any of their products and sharpen them up for you if you'll wait for it for a small fee, but they DO NOT TOUCH THE SERRATIONS!!! I found this out the hard way!

Knife cut through all veggies around with no problems. Loved slicing through the porter house my father dropped off yesterday, and really got a kick out of trimming some thick shipping string at my shop. This is the first time, however, that I noticed ANY of my knives NEEDED to be sharpened right after some tests. I usually just do it anyway to provide good, new edge for fair reference. This knife needed it. Same steel as LCC, and same type of tests...I don't know...I didn't cut the string with the LCC I think...That may be it.

Knife held up excellent, lock obviously is awesome. But I would look into changing a few things:

1. Too much blade play while CLOSED
2. Tip Down option
3. Second Pivot adj screw
4. BLACK...not green handle
5. Clip seems cheap on such a nice piece
I would consider sprucing it up a
bit, bringing it up one more level.

Uhmmm...That's IT! That is ALL I would change. Keep in mind, I just received my LCC last week, and even though they are two totally different knives, I am still hung up on the beauty of the MT!!!

This BM is true to its roots. I like it, and I plan to carry it, rotating it with my REKAT, everyday. Axis is no joke, and the blade design should prove interesting!

Steve in NYC

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Good observations. My thoughts upon receipt of my Osborbne were generally consistant with yours. I found the QC on the 940 to be much better than some recent BM examples I purchased, and in some cases returned.

There were NO tool marks on my 940. Maybe they could make a larger one to go with it.