BM Butterfly found here in Padova Italy

Oct 20, 1998
CIAO! I am down here in Padova, Northern Italy for 3 months of studies and computer practice. I have found a Benchmade Bali-song in a local knifeshop and I am wondering if it is a decent knife for the money. The dealer wants about $190 for it. I am not sure but I think its blade length was 3.5"

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It depends on the model. BM made quite a variety. You'll have to tell us a bit more about he knife.

The model number would be the best, if you can find that out.

Greetings. I was through there last month on my way to Venice from Rome on the Eurorail. If I can remember correctly, isn't Padova the last stop before Venice? Anyway, my guess is that the model is either a BM30 or a BM35 as these were the smaller of the models available. Judging by the high price, I'd say it was the BM35. When you look at it again, it should have solid stainless steel handles with hidden rivots and chamfered skeletonized holes; that would be the deluxe BM35. The BM30 was exactly the same size and construction, but it had exposed rivots and unchamfered holes in the handle. If you can't find a better price on that one, I've got the BM30's for sale and would be glad to ship to an address here in the states to be rerouted to you. See the Knives for Sale forum here for details.

Yes...Padova is the last stop before Venice...what a great little city. I spent three monthes in Scandicci ('burb of Florence) in 1991. I have no insight on the knife but saw ITALY and just had to say, "Ciao!!"
I could talk for days about Italia.

I also have a BM Bali. for sale. But is a 45s w/nylon sheath. I can give you a LOT BETTER PRICE for my full size one. Wish I could go back to Italy. Nice country...
You know I live in Italy.

I could talk for days about Italy too, but they wouldn't be good things. Italy is a good place to visit or to spend holidays, but living here could be not very nice. But this could be another thread on another forum...

If you want to have an idea of prices of American knives in Italy, remember this formula:

(Price in USD + Shipping)+ Taxes + Customs Fees + Reseller's Margin

where Taxes (VAT, in Italy are called IVA) are 20% of the (Price in USD + Shipping),

Custom Fees are from $ 15 to $ 25 (it depends on the Price)

Reseller's Margin depends on the shop.

For instance, a First Serie's AFCK 800HSS ($ 145 USD in USA), had Taxes for $ 33 USD, Custom Fees for $ 15 USD. A very famuos knife and firearm shop in Rome asked for it $ 390 USD.

A Vaquero Grande costs $ 180 USD, a CRKT M16 costs $ 105 USD, a CS TrailMaster around $ 380-390 USD.

So buy American knives in Italy only if you need them.


P.S.: Same rules are applied to knives bought on Internet.
Thank you all for the replies.

I haven't had time to further check the bali-song out, but as I remember it it was probably the BM35 judging by the hidden rivets and the chamfered holes in the handle.

I have found a very nice little gem, a small Italian-made lockback from the brand Viper. It has a blade length about 2.5" with stag handles and some kind of nickel-silver bolsters. The steel is most likely 440a and it is a tight construction with a quality comparable with the one found in the german Puma knives. I gave $40 for it, and that is little, compared with a Puma of the same size.

Tea drinker and hellraiser from Northern Sweden, above the arctic circle.