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BM Delta Raider ?????

Oct 5, 1998

Hey everybody,
Can Somebody tell me where I can find a
picture of this knife? I'm not sure if I have ever seen one. What are these knives worth ?
Hey Woody:

I posted a reply a couple nights ago, but it must have not went through for some reason. I'll try again.

I have a BM Delta Raider that I picked up a few years ago. It really is a very well-made knife and quite aesthetically pleasing. It has a blade length of approximately 7" with a molded kraton handle that was lauded as one of the most ergonomically-sound designs available when the knife was released. And it is quite comfortable in the hand and very agile for its size. It has a reverse-curve which gives it a lot of cutting surface and the design still keeps the point very close to the centerline of the handle. Honestly, the one and only gripe I have with this piece is its sheath. The retaining strap in particular. The sheath itself is of fairly high-quality, but the placement of the diagonal strap allows it to be slipped off the guard which can allow the knife to fall out of the sheath. If you can't find a pic anywhere, email me and I can scan it for you.


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Hey Woody,
I know a guy (knife dealer friend of mine) that has a Delta Raider. At least he did at the last show that we both had tables at. He might be at our local show in two weeks, I can look him up if you want one. They are very nice knives, I just thought that the handle was a little small for my big paws. Also, I agree about the sheath problem. You could always have another sheath made for it. I think this guy only wanted $75 for his NIB Delta. If you want it right away, I can give you his contact info. He lives near Madison, WI. Let me know: