BM / Elishewitz Ares?

Feb 2, 1999
Ok Allen, we all know you are out there peeking. How´s the progress on the Benchmade / Elishewitz Ares-like folder? I know we have to wait until SHOT-show 2000, but isn´t there anything you can reveal?
The knife will have an Axis Lock and I am about 80% sure that the G-10 will be multi color. It also will have some very complicated machining that no other company have used before.
This is all I can say for now. In a few of months the pre-production knives will be available.
Allen Elishewitz
are you really "The Allen Alishewitz" because if so It is an honor to "meet" you.I have the 2 I think of your benchmade collaboration knives and they are two of my favorites.

(mini stryker and Nimravus) once again pleasure to meet you .
Yup, that´s Allen. I hope we get to see a handle with layers like the titanium ones you make. Multi colored G-10 layers....hmmm.
I can't wait either...Elishewitz could stand to be a little friendlier though. Great maker though. -AR

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Geez, I'm getting so tired of plain black or metal handles. I'd like to see at least a little color in a knife, no matter where it is. Multi-colored G10 sounds like a gift from God at this point.