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BM Pinnacle FYI

Dec 19, 1998

I finally ended up purchasing a BM Pinnacle 1st Production Run a couple of days ago. The store that I purchased from had 3 in stock. I inspected all available before deciding on the one I purchased. The first one had a problem with the lock, the frame did not engage the blade enough to lock it. I was able to tap the blade closed with a finger after opening same. The second one I looked at had a similar problem, the frame lock engaged only slightly and did not instill any confidence that it would remain open under working conditions. The one I purchased had a strong lock-up and the frame engaged about 3/4 of the way.

I do like BM knives and own several, I have not had similar experience with other models.I don't know if the fact that it was 1st production run had anything to do with it and I know they have had problems with consistency. Just wanted to let you all know about my experience.

i have had similar experiences with my pinnacle. mine had very solid lockup when i first bought it, but after 1 week and little usage, it had extreme vertical blade play. the lock ceased to engage the tang properly. i asked benchmade and they said to send it in. i thought this was too much of a hassle for a $160 knife, so i returned it to the dealer whom will return it to benchmade - i got my money back. i am pretty disappointed, as i love the design, but i will not buy another one because of obvious quality problems.