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BM910 disappointment

May 21, 1999
Liked my 9100 so much I got the 910. First of all the action is so tight, even after oiling it, the thumb disc has worn a blister trying to flick it open. I'm not sure that you are suppose to be able to flick it open because the thumb disc is positioned so far back from the pivot. I actually can flick it open, if I jerk my wrist the right way, but one time it flew out of my hand. And, the blade scrapes on the side of the handle because you have put so much pressure on the thumb disc to flick it open. Lastly, out of the box, the edge is not anywhere close to being as sharp as my 9100.

Sorry for the bad review, Benchmade is still on my list of, best of the best, production knife manufactures.


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7-2-99 935PM EDT Clintonsucks, surprised to hear of the problem with BM 910. Like you I have both the Auto and the BM910. I am impressed with the 910sbt,but yours looks like one that slipped through. BM should fix it for you. I had trouble with the Cuda and should have sent it back . See you at DcKnifenut gettogether.