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BOKER-Bud Nealy-Specialist 1


Mar 30, 1999

I was wondering if anyone has handled or owned one of these knives?They look pretty cool!I would appreciate any comments about this knife.THANKS!!!

Recently purchased one with the cocobolo handle and tanto blade. It's small and tends to get lost in your hand if you have a large hand. But held properly, using the notched thump and forefinger ramps, it feels comfortable. Mine has a good edge and a needle-like point. I would suggest shopping for one at a show or dealer rather than mail order. I returned the 1st mail order because the blade was scratched. I've seen a few and there is a lack of consistency in the color of the wood handles and the blade finishes. You have to pick thru a few to find one you'd be happy with. Overall, I'm happy with mine. The rig it comes with provides a variety of concealed carry options that will address a number of different situations. Good luck, hope this helps.

RJT - The Specialist is a good knife for the cash. You get a reasonably priced production version of the Aikuchi. At least it appears to be the Aikuchi, I could be wrong. It is a nice light blade and is easy to carry. My blade was extremely sharp. The only complaint I had with the knife was the fit of the G-10 scales. They did not fit the tang exactly and over hung in a few spots.

It is a small knife with a sharp blade and no guard. I would recommend a grip with the pommel supported by the palm for almost all uses.