Boker Damascus Brend Tactical Folder

Oct 30, 2000
Yoez Folks!

I just got a new Boker Damascus Brend Tactical Folder from SHEARES TRADING® in Singapore....I find it a PRETTY² COOLZ² knife and was wondering wherether there was anywhere i can
find reviews on this knife?? I tried to find its reviews here, but so far i haven't been able to find it....

Can Someone please post his/her thoughts on this knife here?? or is there any posts you can refer me to to look for more info about this knife??

another thing is can any of the people here teach me how to post pictures here??
!!Thanks!! in advance

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Looks great, feels nice, but check the liner lock. I´ve heard horror stories from different people about the Böker liner locks, even on the pricey damascus knives.

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My BTF seems ok ...and so far so good...thanks...but where can i find reviews of this knife??

silent souls leave .308 holes