Boker Gamma - ceramic blade????????

Feb 22, 1999
Does somebody own this knife or any other ceramic blade knife?
What do you think of it? How does it perform and feel as opposed to steel?
I have an older Boker ceramic lockback Delta, and I really like it. Granted, you can't use it for heavy cutting, but it slices through rope, packages, and anything else like a wonder. If you ever need to sharpen it, which wouldn't be for a long time, Boker can sharpen it for you, but for a fee I think. What I like best about it is that it is really light, and looks nice also, as a classy knife.

Luckily, I have never broken the blade to my ceramic, which can happen if your not careful, but maybe that's because I baby it sometimes. However, once I did drop it (while open) and a part of the tang broke off, right where the notch is, so the lock didn't work. I sent it to Boker and they replaced the knife for free, even though it was a few years old. I admit, then, that I usually carry a steel knife just in case I have some heavy cutting to do.

Also, mine came razor sharp.
I've carried a Gamma for a year or so now, everyday. I do cut string, fruit, in other words light cutting and it's never gotten dull. It's nice and light, and most important in some situations, a non-threat kind of knife. I have to admit I also always carry another steel blade for any heavy work.
Bokar will resharpen for $8.00 plus $3.95 shipping.

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I have had a Böker Gamma for a year or so. Haven't used it much. The blade on my exemplar wobbles noticeably both vertically and laterally (tightening the pivot won't remove the vertical wobble), the liner lock disengages very easily, the detent (closed) is too light for a pocket knife, the handle is quite chubby (bulges in my pocket), the edge is a horror to resharpen (not exceptionally sharp as new), and the knife costs way too much. I'd prefer a nice steel-bladed pocket folder anytime. The more expensive ceramic Bökers might be another thing, but I have no experiences of them.