Boker Specialist w/ Bud Nealy MCS

Oct 3, 1998
i bought this knife today at the dallas gun/knife show. i got there when it opened and the dealer had 2. within 15 minutes, both were gone.
i like the knife. i'm not sure i'd stab with it, but if you press the butt of the knife into your palm, it should be ok.
the price was too high - $108.
the sheath system is nice, but imo, overly complicated. everything involves the belt. i am still devising a way to just clip it into my waistband without it being upside down. upside down is the illustrated method of carry. if you want to carry IWB, blade down, you have to put a belt through a loop (included) attached to the sheath.
neck carry is great. i love the magnet - it works perfectly.
it seems everytime i buy an imitation or collaboration of a custom knife, i end up wanting the original anyway! but, i love Boker (arbolito). Boker is all my grandfather carried.
in short - a high quality knife with 440c blade. excellent sheath. comes in a very nice display case, with all the literature. anyone else have one? i'd like to hear comments on this knife.


I’ve been using upside down carry for a few weeks now with a Mad Dog Rat Thing. I leave my T-shirt out of my pants so the knife is completely concealed and the handle presents it self beautifully, very very fast. I really like this carry. Give it a try.

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