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Boker Specialist

Apr 21, 1999
Is this knife any good? I like how it looks, and its one of the few fixed blade knives I've ever considered buying.

I like the Boker/Nealy Specialist so much that I purchased two of them. One has the cocobolo scales (dress knife) and the other is black G-10. Both are tanto points,and both have polished blades.
The G-10 rides with me on my motorcycle. These seem to be made for Goldwings, and clip readily to the dash pockets.
Did you know that the Specialist is made of 440C ? It is truly stainless, and that's a major deal with me.
This knife is a true winner, and if you shop a bit you'll find them for less than $90.
BTW, the only fixed blades I carry are the Specialist and REKAT's Utility.
I hope you got my e-mail. Have you ever considered Cetan tanto by Rob Simonichs or Boyer Mini Tanto?
To those who own a Specialist: how secure do you find the grip? The lack of a handguard is the only thing that keeps me from buying one.
I traded my Boker Specialist, mostly because I didn't carry it, due to the lack of a guard. Kind of strange, because I carry my R.J. Martin Kozuka daily despite the lack of a guard. The Kozuka just feel more secure to me.

The Boker does have a slight dip in the handle, which is supposedly an index for your finger, but I found it to be totally non-functional for a guard. If Boker would make one with a guard, I would buy many of them, mostly because the sheath systemis awesome.

On the plus side, if you do need to stab with your Specialist, you can press the butt of the knife into your palm. It seems to work well for this technique.