Boker Superliner (Stellar) Gem or stinker?

Feb 23, 2000
Looking to buy a linerlock knife for personal carry and misc. general use. I have looked through many of the on-line resources and seen the Boker Superliner in the Stellar configuration. Does anyone in the group have any experience with this knife. How is the fit, function of the blade geometry, strenth, smoothness of action etc.

If anyone could shed some light on this design, I would greatly appreciate it!!!
hello folks,

I own a Böker superliner G-10.
The blade is excelent - Böker says they use 440-C and that is outperforms ATS-34, I gues in my experience it is about the same in quality except a finer grain. I had to polish the sand-blasted blade because it rusted. I don't think they use real 440-c, but something with more carbon and less chronium.
The handle - The G-10 is not really good rounded of, and you can detect flaws in finish on the edge of the G-10. It is a single liner-linerlock, and I kinda got the hang of double liners in my AFCK.
The linerlock itself is real good.
The pivot pin is small, with a ring around it for smoother action. Therfore, the pivot hole in the blade is really big. Teflon spacers like all the others. Clip is really cool, solid and about the same form as the blade.
Design - Not so good. The two rounded handle-ends do not fit so good in my hand, and the blade makes a strange backwards angle to you hand. Makes an excellent skinner this way, but not an everyday carry.
This is just my opinion of another knife, but if you like the knife, just buy it. It is a real collector's item too. My critic is based on the fact that I carry a Spyderco endura an a Benchmade small AFCK. Both are not so pretty, but work a lot better, certainly if you are used to them.

Hope this helps. E-mail for comments or questions!