Boker Training Knives

Nov 2, 1998
For those of you into knife sparring / defence against knife, I've bought a set of rubber Applegate-Fairbairn knives: less than $20 for a set of two from Discount Knives, Knifecenter and others.

The grip is good, but more importantly the edge is hard enough to feel when "cut" and wide enough to chalk for "hits". Also it's not to0 rigid on a thrust - but you will definately feel it. Much better than the POS taiwan training knives sold in martial arts supplies stores.

Only drawback is that they're pretty light, so aren't realistic in that sense. But I had a great sparring session - and decided to avoid a knife fight if possible!! (We were "cutting" each other's knife hands - since we were too alert for full slashes and thrusts!)

Great practice knives!

Those things do break skin or leave welts on fast slashes and stabs. That's good because you would want to train and react as if the "knives" can hurt you.