Boker Tree Brand

Aug 24, 1999
Anybody know how nicely these are made and how good their blades are? I hear they're carbon steel, which sounds promising . . .

I'm looking for a well made traditional folder that isn't that hard to maintain as a little razor in the dress-slacks pocket. Something to replace an Old-Timer.

I don't want my children fed or clothed by the state, but I would prefer THAT to their being educated by the state.
I carry some of the Boker knives. I have tried to carry just the Carbon steel ones. I have some with Bone and Imitation Tortoise Shell, Rose Wood, and stag in Carbon Steel. Carbon Steel is hard to find in a pocket knife.

Danny Ridenhour
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Some of the Bokers in traditional patterns are very well made. It would be best to check them out at a show if you get a chance. I might also consider some of the new Schatt & Morgan series some have ATS-34
as blade steel. Most of the Case Classic series were also made from high carbon steel. Any of the three and others should fit the bill.
I have a Boker stockman that I've about worn down to nubs from a couple of decades of sharpening, whittling, carving wooden spoons, chains, etc. There is still absolutely no wobble in any of the joints despite being opened and closed thousands of times and the carbon steel is superb. It is probably harder than most and holds a terrific edge. If I could find another I'd buy it in a minute.
Uncle Bill, if you can't find what you like in a Tree brand, give Eye brand knives a looksee. I feel that the quality is equal or better and they probably have more carbon steel models to select from. TopofTexas has a selection of both brands.
May want to consider that their shield's are glued in. The S&M's and Case classic's are pinned on. As are Hen&Rooster, Most anything by Blue Grass Cutlery, The Winchester's are a favorite of mine. Pinned on shield's are a quirk of mine, Iv'e had many glued one's fall out.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"

I have a few Bokers and like them all. I have one that I use fairly often and it sees a good bit of use and has held up well.

My beloved Grandfather who passed when I was ten gave me a Boker with carbon steel blades and stag scales when I was nine.

I lost it years ago and this thread brought bitter sweet memories to me. Thanks.
Uncle Bill,
Yes, the scale's are pinned on. The shield's on the scale's are not though.

"War to the knife and knife to the hilt"