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BOTH SOLD - Ferrum Forge Fortis 2.0 Thruworks (First Production) and Spyderco Advocate


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Sep 21, 2018
BOTH SOLD - Immediate catch-and-release here, as I just got both of these blades in when I got home from work this evening. Between the time I got 'em from BF sales threads last week and delivery today, though, I managed to land a Slysz Bowie at a very good price, and am now needing to replenish funds.

Ferrum Forge Fortis 2.0 Thruworks (First Production) - This is part of FF's Pro-Line series, manufactured by WE Knives. Bought as LNIB, and it sure looks that way to me. Everything is flawless that I can see. This is a pretty substantial knife, and the detent is nicely dialed in, resulting in a snappy firing of the blade. Very nice! BTW, this is the only "first production" that I've ever seen that isn't billboarded in huge font all over the blade, which is not my thing. Very subtle and small "first production" label, which I think is well executed.

Here's the sales thread from last week - https://www.bladeforums.com/threads/ferrum-forge-fortis-2-0-thruwork-sold.1642925/. I'm asking the same price I paid, $OLD


Spyderco Gayle Bradley Advocate (Gen 2.0 CQI version) - I also got this here at BF last week and received it today. This was sold to me a user, but it is in generally excellent shape and was well-cared for. I see a light scratch pattern on the blade that almost seem like someone rubbed it down super hard with a cloth that might have been slightly abrasive. A few scratches are also on the clip, and if there's any wear on the titanium scales, the orange peel texture is keeping me from noticing it. Action, centering, lock-up all excellently on point.
Again, I'm asking the same price I paid, $OLD

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