Bought Wegner Spyderco. Any experience?

Jun 4, 1999
I bought an Spyderco Tim Wegner (plain) yesterday. Nice and strong piece (first look). Anybody experienced with it (+/-) ?


One of my all time favorite pocket knives. I have used and abused this knife at the New York Botanical Garden For over a year and it is still as good as new. Takes and holds a nice edge. I have used it for fairly heavy chopping of grasses.Cut various natural and synthetic ropeand so on. Tough knife the ergonomics you will love now and love more after some use. Im buying the junior for my girlfreind who is a gardener.
GREAT knife.
Yes, Boriqua -

I have bought it because of it*s good shape (in hand) and robustness. It just fits to hand.

I purchased a wegner a year ago and have used it as an outdoor daily carry. It locks up well, holds and edge well and is perfectly suited for cleaning fish and game. I wsed it extensively last fall for small game and it handled the job beautifully. A nicely shaped blade and it is a perfect size for a wide range of critters. It works well on gutting small brook trout as well. An excellent choice.
I've got the Wegner Jr (plain-edged) and considering another in serrated and also the bigger C48... for all the reasons mentioned.
Gotta love that solid feel from the SS spacer!

It's already slim and I made it slimmer with the removal of the clip.

My daily carry amongst a dozen other knives.
Definately search the Spyderco forum for "Wegner". Alot of good info there.