Bowen Belt Knife-Anyone have one

Ive got one. They are really pretty cool. I am not sure what kind of steel they use, but Im sure its not very high quality. It sharpens easy but I think it wont hold an edge long. But for a last ditch self defense knife it works fine. I wouldnt use it alot for utility because my pants would always fall down. Im also not crazy about the way it works as a belt. The knife handle has a stud on it that sticks through two holes in the belt. The first hole is on the sheath part to hold the knife in place and the second one is where you adjust your belt. It works pretty good all in all though. I wear mine when I want a very low key knife.


I've seen articles on them (the belt was not especially good quality, as I recall). But how do you keep your pants up once you've extracted the blade...
Hi All,
I've hads one of the double edged ones since they first came out. I don't wear it as much as I used to do, but I'm also on my third belt/sheath.
They are good solid knives, well worth the money. They can pose some problems with the law, however.
If you get one, have the sheath cover (on the back of the belt) replaced. It's way too thin for safty.
i used to have a bowen-i probabally still have it lying around someplace, not sure where.

it worked for me, but i didnt like the fact that you had to undo the belt to release the knife. i found the cap lifter on it handy though
lot quicker then opening a SAK or leatherman.

i currently have a valois belt knife, and im real happy with it- it just slides out, so its real easy to extract, and it has a kydex(i think) backing for the sheath, and your pants stay up

i think he uses 440C, but im not certain-at last years new york custom knife show i think he had some titanium ones, but i have no idea what type/alloy of titanium.
ryk, where do you find the valois ones? I saw the bowen ones and thought they could be interesting, but I figured at 40 some dollars you get what you pay for, not much. I'd like something better if I could find it or make it.

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A buddy of mone mentioned another point,
if you pull the knife while wearing a gun holstered on the belt- you may be in a bind.

Also how well does the belt stay closed/tight in normal wear?

The Valois model sounds cool- any contact info?

i dont know if he has a website or not, or email either.

i have a business card here, and its got his address and phone and fax
here it is

A. Daniel Valois
3552 W. Lizard Creek Rd.(Rte. 895)
Lehighton, PA 18235

fax (717)-386-1153

hope this helps some, i dont know if he has a catalog, and my knife was a gift, so i dont know a lot about pricing and such, but i think they run somewhere in the area of a little over $100, but im really not sure.

sorry i dont have any more info then that.
Someone is missing the point of the purpose of the Bowen knife. As a belt it's as good as most and better than quite a few. Obviously if you've got stuff hanging on it, it'll pull out of the loops and deposit same on the floor/ground.