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Boyer Blades

Jul 19, 1999
Anyone have any problems from this company and/or products? I get a little paranoid when it comes to sending my hard earned money away. Reputable? Thanx.
I order a drop point about three and a half weeks ago...mark told me today when i called him that he would send it out this week end. thats cool by me. But you must realize that these are really custom blades because there is only one guy making them. From what i have heard mark makes some great knives that are durable and affordable. When i get my Drop point i will post some info on it.
this is probably the only blade i order from him. not because his work is shabby, because he does great work and is good at what he does, but just because after his knife and then the basic 9 i plan to buy, i won't need anymore knives.
I purchased a Boyer drop point knife at the Oregon Knife show this spring. Large handle and good design. The black coating was very grainy and the blade was not polished before coating. I removed the coating with my dremel and have been polishing the blade over the last few weeks. It is taking a lot of work to get out the grind lines and scratches. I think I like it better natural than coated. 1095 will rust so I use oil as a preventitive. Also made a few changes in the handle to fit my hands better. It has a versatile carry system. All in all, a good knife, and it appears to have a good guarranty.

What? Another knife? Don't you have enough of those things already?
How many does one person need?

I ordered Multicarry Mini Tanto and my friend is taking the knife to me (I do not live in US). I should have it in about two weeks. Try www.Knifeforums.com and their search function.
I custom ordered one of Mark's knives a couple years ago, and he was perfectly honorable in our business dealings.

I really like his blades, and I bought a second one used. They take a great edge, and they are very strong. Two years ago, his grinds were good, but not the most symetrical I've seen, but good for the price. He has probably improved over that time span, but I would rate them excellent for function, reasonable for fit and finish. I would not hesitate to buy another knife from him.