Break Free: CLP or LP ?


Jan 2, 1999

My favorite rust preventor is Break-Free. Until now I have used the CLP bottles but recently I have noticed a newer bottle "LP" - The same as CLP but without the "Cleaning" 10% element. Can someone comment on real-life experience with the LP before I trust my entire collection to it?
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As for the CLP vs. LP I didn't know there was a new version. But if you're looking for only a rust preventative, it sounds like the LP will do just fine.
I never thought too much about the Cleaning part of CLP anyways. Depending on the item (knife, gun, etc.) I clean them with something else first (Flitz, Brasso, NeverDull, TuffCloth) and then hit the finished item with a light coating of BreakFree CLP.

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I also do not know about the new product but the old one is great for putting on the gas parts and the barrel near them on our rifles before you do any shooting. As we use really crappy propellent that produces loads on carbon fouling, it makes it much easier to clean off afterwards. In this respect it is much better than anything else I have tried.

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