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Brown truck blues...

Mar 18, 1999
As usual, I am awaiting a couple knives to be shipped to me. This morning I heard the familiar rumble up the street from that beautiful brown truck! It stopped right in front of my house! The driver ran, package in hand, up to my neighbors, threw a package over their gate, ran back to the truck and drove away. Now I've been in a bad mood the rest of the day. I think I'm having "new knife" withdrawls! Something better come soon, don't know how long I can hang on...
I don't want to upset you but, UPS did the same thing to me last week. Only it ended up in their trash can. Worse was that it was my package!! I was lucky that my neighbor noticed it before he took it to the dump. One more reason not to use UPS.

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Yeah I hate when that... whup, gotta go there's a brown truck at the end of my driveway
tknife -

Howdy? Oh, sorry! (awkward question in light of your "brown truck blues").

Well, not that I feel the need to one-up you here, yet if it makes you feel any better I'd be glad to share my "unfortunate" brown truck encounter of the day story w/ you.

I too ordered some very nice cutlery ("Spydies," hehehe), via the net, yet their transit appears stagnant on the UPS tracking web page (location status has not changed in a day or two).

Whats more...

I came home early today, for a mid afternoon hop in the pool (its bloody hot in No. CA right now)...to find the renown brown truck parked out front (and the driver about to reboard).

He merely said,"I left the package by your backyard gate."

(imagine me very animated) "Is it from ...?"

The Driver, "Nope!"

So, I quickly went to check whom it was from.

Guess what?

The Package was for my bloody neighbors, as it was erraneously addressed to my mailing address, and so I handed it back to the UPS guy (albeit not w/out scowling at him).

The UPS tracking web site, by the way, still has not shown any progress in regards to my parcel!

"Patience is a virtue acquired over time" -
Michael Cedric


"You learn something new every day!"

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I wish they would use a different means of shipping. The main knife I am awaiting a Busse (Mean Street), uses UPS. Of course, I'm not positiove they even sent it yet. The anticipation is fun but is also killing me!
I have recently gone through the same thing, there is no pain like waiting for new toys. I feel your pain.
I thought I would share some wisdom with you, as far as the UPS tracking system is concerned. I too, spent hours checking the web-site, constantly. At one point the parcel seemed to have stayed in one location for four days with no movement! I was losing hope...then it just showed up at my door. I don't think every location that handles the packages are very diligent about scanning parcels in when they arrive. So don't lose hope...it could be closer than you think.
Well, I have never liked the brown truck guys. Too expensive and too slow.