Browning Baracuda, how is this knife.

Mar 19, 1999
hello again, i posted several posts earlier about getting a cheaper liner lock, in my choices were the CRK&T Cobra Gold, S&W SWAT, and the Junglee Sahara jr. Well, today i looked around and seen a couple pics of the Browning Baracuda, i like the tanto version, these look quite durable and high quality, and it has a ti liner, wow, i want to know how the lock up on this knife is and does it have a steel stop pin, or just a plastic spacer like my buck solitaire. Ps, can this knife be completely taken apart.
The Barracudas were designed by Mike Collins who also designed the EDI genesis among other things.

They are VERY GOOD knives for the money.
The blades are AUS-8, the locks are quite secure on mine, and the handle is ergonomic.
There is a STEEL stop pin. Cool circular kraton inserts.

Before you but the Tanto, take a hard look at the drop point. Its a better utility blade, ground thin and super sharp and the blade shape is very versatile.

My only complaint is the plastic thumb stud, but hey for under $50 bucks in most cases this knife is a deal.

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I have the drop point, I like it with the exception being the pocket clip, its a little large and some what interferes with the grip. I removed mine, also mine is 440C