Bruce Bump's ABS journeyman's blade pictures...

Nov 29, 2000
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Greetings to all. Since Bruce is'nt quite set up yet for hosting his knife pictures and I, as well as everyone else here, want to see what he submitted to the ABS (American Bladesmith Society) at the big "Blade Show" in Atlanta, I asked him to email me a jpg so I could post it for all to see here on the forum. This he most graciously did, and here is the picture; the second copy slightly enlarged for those with smaller monitors. below the photos is their descriptions.

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From left to right, the descriptions are as follows:

1. Forged ball bearing (52100) with stabilized curly maple (red dyed)
2. Forged ball bearing (52100) blade, file bolsters and 15N20 liners and carbon fiber scales
3. 5160 with brass fittings and elk slabs
4. Forged ball bearing (52100) 01 double guard and stabilized black walnut
5. 5160 with forge welded mild steel guard and pommels.

Hop all enjoy Bruce's pictures, and since I'm posting for him, here's a link if you'd like to send him <font face =arial black size=5 color=red><a>MAIL</a></font><color> Congradulations again Bruce.

regards, to all mitch

Man Bruce those are some totaly outstanding works of art.You should be proud....
Thanks Mitch for showing them to us.
Bruce E.

Bruce Evans Handcrafted Knives
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Thanks Mitch for the posting.

Bruce E. Thanks very much.

Actually the descriptions should read from the bottom knife to the top instead of from left to right. The picture is turned 90 degrees. Bruce B
I thought you had to be able to make a decent knife to get a JS stamp? Huh...

Those look damn good Bruce! Are they all sold yet? Maybe if you still have a couple of them when I come over I'll get to see what a JS test quality knife looks like.

All very nice lines are styles! I've never seen the file bolster on a folder before...way to find something different!

Thanks for posting Bruce's work's about time the forum readers get to see what this guy can do!!!


Very nice stuff, Bruce! Don't recall ever seeing a folder with a forged 52100 blade before! Bet its a cuttin son of a gun! And, can't see the filed bolster very well in the pic, but it looks both unique and cool!

Really like the rest of the knives as well. Especially the 2 big ones on top. Great stuff! Congratulations on your new status!

Asi es la vida

Nick Bruce E and Bugs Thanks for the compliments
The folder and the Rambo Wantabe are not sold yet. Actually the sheffield bowie isnt either but it will be on very soon. Bruce B
Congratulations Bruce. I know you feel good about it and now you can start practicing for the MS test.

Ray Kirk
Bruce, those are beautiful, and such range! Congratulations, and we're all looking forward to what you'll come up with next.

Anvilring, thanks for posting these.