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Bruce Evans, The Bowie & Me


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Aug 20, 1999
My first thought was that Bruce forgot to put the knife in the box, when the mailman handed it to me...
Light? You betcha
On my 50 year old postal scale...12 1/2 oz.
Fast? Like it's not even in your hand!
It balances right at the guard, a thought moves it...
Sharp? Of course! I haven't cut a lot of stuff with it, shaved some arm hair and sliced up a magazine cover with no problems. (Bruce keeps saying to me: "You CAN use it") I will say that this is not a chopper. The blade is too thin for that, I should've measured it before I sat down here. It is a purpose built slicer and I'm sure it will excell there.
The fit and finish is wonderful. What didn't show up in the photos is the coke bottle shape of the handle and the damascus between those cowbone handle slabs. Bruce makes the bowie with a hidden tang, so he cut the damascus handle separately. You can see how he does that in his tutorial @ his site... Cool stuff.
The cowbone is surprisingly smooth, it feels more like stone than stag or bone. I think it looks great because it is so different from the norm.
The sheath is heavy leather treated with some sort of waxy stuff (Bruce???) It reminds me of the 'SnoSeal' that I use on my hunting boots. My initials were even sewn into the back of the sheath. A nice touch!
This was my first ordered custom. Up untill this one I bought my knives at the shows, so that I could fondle them first. I was a bit anxious about how it would fit me and feel...There was alot of communication between us (he is a patient guy too) and it all worked out much better than I anticipated. What a great intro into custom made knives

I highly recommend Bruce and his work. In my eyes he is a rising star, nice guy and a darn good cutler.
Welcome to the club Ebbtide. I hope it grows 100 fold. Anyone who has been to my homepage knows what I think of Bruces work. There is more than a few of his pieces there. The man is indeed the most personable knifemaker I have ever dealt with. One of the most personable PEOPLE I have ever dealt with period. His knives in my opinion are an outstanding bargain. You just cant go wrong with Bruce Evans! No black secret agent models though Im sure he could comply but honest, Beautiful using knives that have a feel of yesteryear.


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Ebbtide,The sheaths are dipped it a hot wax mixture of beeswax and mink oil.
Thanks for all the kind words her.You guys are going to make my head swell so much it wont fit through the door...

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