Brute vs. Busse BM-E... my take.

Oct 4, 1998
Well, I got my Battle Mistress this morning. Nice knife but just from looking at it you couldn't tell it was worth $325. I'm hoping the performance will increase the value in my mind! Comparing it to the Brute based solely on aesthetics (especially considering price) left the BM seriously wanting.
Anyway, I have seen a couple of comparisons on here between the BM and the Brute so I will also give my opinions.

The grind and shape of the Battle mistress is relatively simple compared to the multi-grind Brute. Also, the Busse is INFI as opposed to the 01706c (whatever... I can never remember all those numbers and letters!) of the Brute. The edge of the Brute is standard while the edge on the BM is differential. A lot of this is really difficult to say anything about rather than spout off specs because I haven't done any testing with the two head to head yet. Once I do that, I will see which steel holds up the best, which edge cuts the best, retains its edge the best, is easier to resharpen, which blade lends itself to more tasks and which coating is more durable.

Brute wins hands down. As far as fit and finish I would say they are about equal. Scales match up nicely with a little tolerance here and there on both. I like the fact that the Brute scales are easily removable for cleaning. Not so on the BM. The BM handle is quite thin for my large hands and the "checkering" seems like it would be extremely uncomfortable after any long term hard use (chopping). The only plus I see over the Brute handle is the checkering, though, as it may add extra grip in unstable conditions. I will just have to do some tests on this, also. As far as basic comfort, though, the Brute handle wins by far. I have already done extended chopping with this type handle (Machax) and have no complaints.

There is really no comparison here. The BM sheath is nice (cordura with a plastic insert and a small external pocket for a stone, etc..) but does not compare to the Brute sheath. The main thing that separates the two is the double retention of the Brute sheath. The kydex holds the blade securely in the sheath and it also has a retaining snap strap around the handle for double the security. The BM sheath has only the strap.

Overall fit & finish-

I was under the impression that the edge was a hybrid edge on the BM (same as on the Busse Basics) meaning one side was cantled (rounded) and the other side was flat ground. Upon closer inspection, they are both flat. I assumed this was the case because the grind is very uneven (as on the Basics... I never really understood this concept, anyway...). The grind is appr. 1/16 in. on the left side and 1/8 in. on the right side. This tolerance would be acceptable for a $325 dollar knife if the grind was differential, but it is not. The tolerances are almost the same as my Machax though I can't directly compare it to the Brute because I do not have it right now. All other grinds are relatively even and symmetrical (which they should be considering the simple grind of this blade.) I am pretty sure all the grinds are not perfectly symmetrical on the Brute but will do a closer inspection when I get it back.

Like I said, from all outward appearances, the Brute stands supreme. I hope when it comes down to performance the BM can out-perform the Brute $225 worth.

More to come...

Cam :

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">The main thing that separates the two is the double retention of the Brute sheath.</font>

So the fit of the BM to the insert is quite loose?

[BM edge grind]

<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">The grind is appr. 1/16 in. on the left side and 1/8 in. on the right side.</font>

The dual grind does leave the bevels of different heights and also leaves the tip somewhat skewed. One bevel should be convex however. Turn the blade upside down and look down the edge, or simply lay something flat across the bevel and the curvature should be evident. If both sides are flat then someone made a mistake.

The knife is not "loose" in the kydex insert, but it is not what I would call "secure", either.
As far as the bevel, I will check again.