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BT2? Black-T?

Oct 9, 1998
Are BT2 and Black-T the same thing?
I wanted to get a Black-T CQC7-A, but I then remembered how easy the Benchmade black coating wore off. I hear that EDI's Genesis
series has a very nice coat that doens't
come off easy though. Whats the deal with
BT2 and Black-T? Most of all, whats on the
BlackT and BT2 are similar coatings based on Walter Birdsong's research into teflon finishes. BlackT is said to bond to metal at a molecular level, so it continues to provide corrosion protection and lubricity even when the finish is heavily worn. To the best of my knowledge, all of Benchmade's black bladed knives (including the CQC7) use this technology.

BlackTi and Black TiN are HARD titanium based coatings. They are more scratch resistant than BlackT/BT2, but do not provide the same level of lubricity. These days it appears that much of the industry is jumping on the Black TiN bandwagon.

I wouldn't let the use of BT2 prevent you from purchasing a knife whose design you like. If it's going to be a working knife, there is no finish available that will prevent scratches.

Hope this helps,

Walter Birdsongs Black T finish is the best, bar none, of the teflon finishes. Im not sure if he uses the exact same process with stainless steels, but with carbon steels he first puts some sort of finish on before the black t (i think he basically parkerizes first, then applies the teflon??)

Any how, all of the teflon based finishes will wear/scratch easier then a "harder" finish would i.e. hard chrome.

Black T was applied by Walter Birdsong,when the demand outgrew his willingness to produce another vendor was needed.BT2 is also a teflon coating applied by another larger company. Rob Criswell