Buck 100 series fixed blades: Any Opinions?

Feb 18, 1999
I've been considering a good all-around fixed-blade at a medium price. I've noticed the Buck 100 series, specifically the 119 Special, (for a larger knife), the 105 Pathfinder, or for a smaller one, the 102 Woodsman.
I believe the steel is the Buck's standard 420HC, which I actually like. The edge geometry seems excellent, as it is relatively thin for most sheath knives, and the handles seem comfortable.
Any opinions? Experiences? How far in does the tang go into the handle, and how durable (for reasonable cutting tasks, not prying) are these knives?
I'm actually a little more interested in one of the two smaller knives than the big Special, though any info on this series is welcome.
These are time tested classic designs vitually unchanged since the 50s and generally good knives for the price. The 420HC is relatively soft, and edge holding is not a strongpoint - e.g. you will need sharpen the knife after cleaning 1-2 deer.
By the same token resharpening is relatively easy.

Gave the old man a 102 several years ago and it has since become his favorite hunting knife.