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Buck 110 VS. Case Sharktooth


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Nov 7, 2000
I read a post on Buck Vs. Case and it interested me to do some testing on these knives. I am an avid Case collector, and love the pocket knives. However, I bought the Buck 110 and the Case Sharktooth to do some research. I have been carrying both of these knives and using them on certain jobs, and both knives are capable and quality. I have found that the Buck is more comfortable to me, and it still holds the shine on the bolsters. The Case has discolored and the edge is not holding as the Buck. The Buck cost me less than the Case and I prefer to reach for the Buck over the Case. What is your output on these two knives?
While not a direct comparison, I am very fond of the Lockbacks for everyday use.

The Buck 110 is one of the all time classics. For $30, you can go down to your local Wal-Mart and get this classic, use it for things you would not consider with a liner lock or more traditional folding knife, all with safety close to what you find in a fixed blade.

When you look at what you can get from Pete's Custom shop for about $80, it makes many liner locks look like an also ran. You get nice wood, pretty bolsters that wear well and, a good blade steel like BG-42 in a good working package for everyday carry. These may not have the flash and appeal of that new liner lock tactical knife but, I think we both know which one will see the most service in the real world of everyday life.

Stay Sharp,

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