Buck M9 Bayonet...What do you think?

Jun 24, 1999
In a previous post I asked where I could find a Buck M9. Which, thanks to this great forum, I found a source. I previously owned one of these and I loved it. I ended up giving away thinking I could just buy another one, but they had been discontinued. Anyway I would like to know if anyone else has owned one of these knives and what they they think of it. The main point of the knife I loved where it's extremely tough blade which handled ANY chore that I could throw at it. Chores that I never broke but sometimes ruined(badly)comparably priced knives.
I've never owned an M9 bayonet, but I'd like to get one. Would it be possible for you to share your source. E-mail me if possible.
BTW, is your name a Simpsons reference?