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BUCK Masters series

Oct 3, 1998
They have just released the folders in the series. In case you don't know about them, they are a selection of 5 Buck models- reworked with green Dymondwood handles and BG42 steel blades.- the models are popular ones - the 110, 501 and 119 special and 192 Vanguard fixed blades.
Buck seems to have really done it right. The workmanship is superb. They polished them up super, put them in extra soft sheaths and they really seem nice. They are pricier by far than the standard models- but I think they are well worth it. The Folding hunter is a $100 retail instead of $60, but the steel is much better -maybe folks with more expertise can expound on it.
The handles have the pattern grooved into them like a lot of pistol handles -very nice job all around for very "conventional" styles of knives. It's nice to see really fine work.
Thanks Howard for your insight into the Masters Series. IMHO $100 list for a BG-42 steel Buck 110 is a great deal on a hunting knife with this premium stainless. Currently, BG-42 can be found on custom knives only, with Buck being the only manufacturer at the moment who is using this steel exclusively. BG-42 is a steel that is engineered for the aerospace industry for use as bearings in jet engines. For example, the thrust reverser mechanism of a jet engine has to rely on tough ball bearings that can withstand high temperatures and be abrasion resistant. BG-42 steel is also a very clean steel, which is double vacuum melted (the VIM-VAR process) to remove all the impurities. The qualities that make BG-42 a great steel for aerospace use also makes it very good as a using-knife steel. The company that produces BG-42 is Latrobe Steel, a subsidiary of Timken Bearings. Latrobe's website has a very informative spec sheet about BG-42 that you can download and read with an Acrobat reader (*.pdf file). Visit <a href="http://www.latrobesteel.com">Latrobe Steel</a>'s website for the info. Also, the October 1998 issue of Knives Illustrated® magazine ran a story about BG-42, so anyone who is interested might want to refer to these two sources for more info.
Geez, Dexter, couldn't you find someone who really knew something about it?


I really appreciate your posting of the "news" here about Buck finally releasing their Master Series. I've always considered their Vanguard to be the best of all Buck's fixed blade knives. Having it in BG42 with a non-slip handle is extremely appealing.

I also have a 532 BuckLock with the factory file work on the liners. I love its ultra slim profile and consider it to be a viable alternative to traditional "gents" or "executive" lockbacks. Here again the BG42 version is quite appealing....I just can't figure out why Buck is delaying the introduction of this, the last model of the announced Master Series. Is it because manuafacturing takes longer or special tooling setups?

Okay, who has these for sale? I'm looking for the "mid-lock" folder, (sorry, I don't know the model number). These look like "must haves".
Howard at the Knifecentre who put on the first post has them. I have just looked at the scans and they look superb.
Bob, the BU532 is out- all of the series is now shipped. The fixed blades were out a month ago or so and all the folders just came in yesterday. The cool thing is that you can have a really traditional Buck knife- except with steel that is second to none. It took some balls for them to do it. I just wish they had left the piece of *--* Quest on the table and never made it.

The "midlock" you're referring to is the BU532MS.


Must have missed the fixed blades coming in on your site's news section. Glad to hear they've all shipped. Now if I can just get a BU532MS BuckLock and a BU192MS Vanguard programmed into my budget after I take care of paying the balance on my MadDog Fat Lab Rat and the tarrif Rob Simonich and Trace Rinaldi will place on the custom talonite mini-tacticals they're making for me......


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