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Buck Odyssey - Worth my money?

Jan 12, 1999
My knife collection thus far consists of a Spyderco Delica. Period. I'm hoping to expand, but I'm treading carefully, as I'm sure you can all expect. For just that reason I'm probably going to flood the forum with amateurish questions for a while. I hope you'll all forgive me.

Anyway, I've heard a lot of hype in regards to the Buck Odyssey I and II, but have heard very little other than "Buck's smoothest folder ever." Is the Odyssey really worth it's price, and are there any other knives I may be more familiar with that are similar in quality?

While I'm at it, are there any differences between the Benchmade AFCK and the Ascent, other than the G10 vs plastic scales and the liner lock versus lockback? For such minor changes, the difference in price seems rather high. Any opinions?

Ted Stewart
The Odyssey is an "OK" knife. Not bad at all for the money. There are two versions. The Odyssey 1 has plastic handles while the Odyssey 2 has G-10 other than that the are virtually the same. For a few more "Bucks" you can get the AFCK over the Odyssey 2 and the Ascent over the Odyssey 1 which would be a better buy.

The AFCK and Asenct are very different.
First: Liner lock -vs- lock back which means one hand -vs- 2. This is not a minor change but a very different mechanism which requires additional steps in the manufacturing process. Also the liners add much more strength to the knife.

The G-10 costs more and is harder to produce and work with. It also give the knife a more secure feel than the plastic.

You would really need to hold these knives to appreciate the difference. However this should help.

For general everyday use the Ascent should hold up fine. If you are say a construction worker or the like and "Depend" on your knife I would get the AFCK.

Best Regards,
Mike Turber
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