Buck Strider Tanto ***vs***Emerson CQC7 Tanto

They are priced almost identically on most knife websites, which one would you purchase and why.
Emerson's liner locks seem to have a lot of problems, and Cliff's recent Strider review -- though only a single data point -- is a cause for concern as well. At a lower data point, I'd look at the Benchmade Pardue axis lock with the tanto blade, which I think is called the 722. Closer to the price point of the Strider and CQC7, I'd way lean towards the SOG Vision series. I only have a single data point (the knife I've been reviewing), and I've only carried it for maybe a month, but so far the Arc Lock is strong and reliable, and the knife as a whole is very well done.

I offer my profuse apologies for not discussing the knives you asked for, but instead making other suggestions. But in this case, I really do think there are other options worth looking at, and since lock safety is an important issue, Arc Lock and axis lock tanto folders are worth considering (or re-considering, if you've already ruled them out).

Nov 23, 1999
While I'm a big (ok, HUGE) fan of both Buck Knives and Strider, I would purchase the Benchmade 722, and did. It is not on the same scale as the Buck/Strider, but I believe it is on the same scale as the CQC7; I'm not a fan of Emerson, so I may be wrong.

In probably most cases that you're going to use a folding knife for, the 722 will be more than up to the task. If it isn't, I seriously doubt the CQC7 will be. The Strider, while probably being more capable, is slaved to a liner lock. I'd rather break my 722 blade laterally doing something that I'm likely to realize is about to snap it, than have a liner lock fold on me when I DON'T expect it.

Benchmade 722, and don't look back.

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I will apologize in advance for mentioning a different knife, but I am a huge CRKT fan, and if you want a good tanto, go with a carbon fiber handle M-16 in AUS-118 steel. Nothing beats the Carson Flipper for quick deployment, and I have never had any liner lock trouble with my m-16's

Speaking of the aformentioned problem that Cliff found during his test of the Buck Strider, has any word come back on that? The last I read, both Strider knives and Buck knives claimed that it should not have failed in the manner described and were going to look at Cliff's knife to evaluate. Has any more come about?
No, I just sent it back to Buck today. They should get it in about 1-3 weeks. When they do I'll update the review. If they are confident that it was some kind of mechanical or material problem and it should not happen I will repeat what I did and see if it holds.

stop your bitching about the Buck Strider. that thing is tough as a tank. i haven't had a problem yet. the CQC7 is another thing. i work for a dealer and get to play with production knives. i have the Buck Strider and it's great. while the CQC7 is a piece of sh#* if Emerson did it. while the time i got to play with the old Benchmade CQC7 which is strong and just as mean is better.

the problem in the Emerson is that the first stopping pin, the screw is threaded in the titanium only which is the problem. the Benchmade is threaded onto the G-10. also if added another stopping pin in the back spine of the handle it should add more maxium strength.

so, any comments?
STRiDER/Buck kills the Emerson. It might be a little bit heavy.But it can handle a lot more than an Emerson. I own both so its not biast.



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IMHO emerson rules - compared to my joht singh khalsa, kershaw onion, several gerbers, etc etc the emerson is so far ahead of the others in quality, fitting, ergonomics, sharpness, it RULES ( CQC-7) ya just compare it to cold steel and others and the knife rules - action like a bank vault door - smoooooth - what can i say trust my life to my CQC-7, a MOD Razorback, and a Glock 33 - dont leave home w/out em 24/7 - w3hat else can i say????????????
I will have to agree with Vet95LT1. I have several gerbers, a BM and now a Emerson cqc7 and the overall quality and feel of the emerson is by far the best.
The Buck/Strider is the only one I haven't broken yet, besides the pure STRIDER line.

If you don't mind the bulk, they are the way to go.