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Bug-out bags

Jul 8, 1999
I noticed a few weeks back there was a rather long thead about suvival kits, Did anyone bring up the subject of bug-out bags? Do you keep one? what does it contain? where do you keep it (house/car)?

BTW, This is my first post on BF.
OK I guess it might be time to start another thread on this.

I have one kit in the truck that will braek down for two people complete or basic for one.
I have grab kits at home and at my office. These are for family,neighbors and visitors.

I come from a line of casual paranoids.

None of us dwell on any disasters we just are reasonably prepaired. Since I was raised this way I have managed to accumilate a fare supply of equipment over a long period of time. I have upgraded where possible and practical. All of the equipment has been tested and properly set up for storage. Once a year I set up two 8" banquet tables unload the gear and check for deterioration/expiration dates.

Also I believe in getting the best equipment that I can find and afford. For example you can buy six of one companies knife for the price of anothers heavier duty knife I will opt for the more expensive robust model. It will be less likely to fail at the wrong time. I have learned through experience.

I know I might have digressed a little. But I thought you might be enterested.



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It is a pack, I am told, that contains the things that would sustain one for several days (without re-supply) in the field. Water,
simple food, first aid kit, rope, sleep bag,
and depending on conditions, a weapon. Don't forget the TP and toothbrush!
There are a large collection of survival kit and bug-out bag suggestions to be found at <a href="http://www.crl.com/~mjr/survive.main.html">this survival page</a>. Click on the word "SURVIVAL" in the very title of the page and then follow the text along a bit and you will find a link to a lot of bug-out bag ideas.

Mine is in my car. It used to be an ordinary day pack about 1100cu in or so. I've recently upgraded to a 1500cu in Blackhawk Industries 3 day tactical pack, so I'm in the process of re-arranging and expanding it given the larger size. For example I've just added a small cook kit and triox stove.
In addition to the immediate survival needs, it's a good idea to, right now, prepare a list of all of your financial accounts:

Bank accounts and investment accounts
Credit cards
even other "accounts" like water bill, phone bill, gas bill, etc.

For each, include the bank or business the account is with, the account number, any PIN numbers etc., and the phone number you'll need to call to deal with that account.

Assemble your insurance policies, titles and deeds, car registration documents, etc., passports, Social Security cards, medical insurance cards, and other identification documents, important medical records, prescriptions, etc., a copy of the prescription for any eye glasses, etc., marriage records, adoption records, and any other such important documents.

Put together a list of names, addresses, and phone numbers for your friends and relatives as well as your doctors, lawyer, insurance agent, banker, broker, etc.

Put all of these documents, a book of blank checks, and a couple hundred dollars cash into one of those Sentry fire-resistant boxes with a nice handle on it.

Add house keys, car keys, keys to any second house you might have, RV, boat, etc.

Now, if you should, God forbid, have a house fire, all of this important information you need to put your life back together will be protected. And, if you ever have to grab-and-go, all of this important information will be in one handy bundle already.

I refer to mine as "the football", refering to the briefcase full of launch codes, ciphers, and other vital stuff kept near the president at all times.

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