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Busse AK 47, TT KZ 3B2, Snake Culti

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May 2, 2007
I have a few of my Busses for sale. If you think the prices are too high, I'm open to negotiations on price. Cash only at this time.

First is an AK47 with an Okuden sheath. There are a few marks on the blade, but the edge is perfect. $700

Test Team Killa Zilla, black paper micarta handles, new and unused. Comes in the original cardboard cover. $700 Traded GONE

3B2, comes with a Steelnut sheath that has a ferro rod holder. New and unused, a few scuff marks on the handle from the sheath is all that show. $400

Custom Shop Cultellus with snakeskin handle, new and unused. $400

Unpictured: I have a new Okuden sheath for a NMFBM, tan color, unused. $75 It's in a box (we just got down here to The World from Alaska) I'll have a pic I can email you in a day or so.

I will take Paypal with 2% or a money order.



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As for trades, what I'm looking for is a Battle Mistress or things with Snake. I know, I'm getting rid of the Snake Culti, but I just don't like the way it sits in my oversized paw.
The KZ is gone, traded to snwbrdr202 for the Battle Mistress I was looking for. The rest of the knives I'm just looking to sell, if you're interested please feel free to make me a cash offer.

Back up with a price drop, if any of my items interest you, please make me an offer. If it's close, I may say yes. Need a new engine in my Dodge truck.