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Busse B8 LE & Scrapyard SOD

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Mike Pierson

Freedom is not Free
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Dec 22, 2017
Busse B8 LE #116 with an Azula Gun Holsters wet molded brown leather sheath
Razor sharp convex Satin INFI edge,
ResC black handle
Has very light sheathing marks that are hard to see.
Used once, Stropped, INFI

SOLD $210
ScrapYard Son of DogFather SOD with sheath
Sr77 steel, black coated blade & black ResC handle,
has a tiny barely noticeable mark from sheath on spine, was stropped razor sharp
Coyote RainWalker sheath with the dangler attachment
Nice classic blade.

Raising funds so no trades at this time,thanks.
USA only sales
Offers considered thru PM messages
Prices are all in, & no hidden fees ;)
Shipped Priority USPS mail with tracking
PayPal G&S or Postal money order, or a certified bank check,
message for my info after posting an
“I will take it” on sale thread & follow up with PM
Payments are expected promptly

Ask questions thru messages, please keep thread free of clutter or chat

*Buying here you also agree to leave feedback for the transaction, & I will do the same once knife is in your hands*

Thank you BladeForums!
Thank you for lookingEDACB1B5-92A6-432D-AFEF-3A6B6FA9FF5A.jpeg E6EA9A22-5A5A-4BBF-B623-ED8FC4B4B426.jpeg C2DE55C5-9FB1-4CA8-84C9-01CA837258D9.jpeg ABA8CAEE-2029-49AD-831A-11A34D470762.jpeg 22343D12-9881-4135-9C45-FE2DB8D8413D.jpeg 9B4AEFF4-6CBD-4F1B-B712-40A0F071F57A.jpeg
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Busse B8 LE, is now removed from the sale
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