Busse Battle Mistress

Jan 20, 1999
I'm new to this discussion forum. I have been reading about the Jerry Busse Battle Mistress as being an excellent all around canp/survival/fighting blade. Is anyone familiar with this knife and if so what do you think of it compared to other customs similar to this one?
Fred Austin
The Battle Mistress made of INFI steel should be a great blade. Have you read any of the review/marketing on www.survivor.com?

I don't really like the 10", camp knife/axe format, rather carry a 6" hunter and a hatchet, but if you are carrying everything on your back, I understand the concept. I have a 10" ATS-34 bowie that was intended to be more of a fighter than a chopper. I intend to see how well that works out for me in that role before I pop $550 bucks for a BM.

Steve,i believe the standard BM goes for $ 297.00,at least that is what the brochure said.
Here's my 2 cents worth:
<a href="http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/000219.html">http://www.bladeforums.com/ubb/Forum3/HTML/000219.html</a>

Expect an in depth review when I get mine. grnamine has a really good review himself!

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After Greg's initial comments and those by Ron Hood, I wanted to check out the info you alluded to at survivor.com. Pasted that URL and ended up logged onto Survivor Software. Have you a more correct URL reference for us?
Appreciate it


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