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Jan 6, 2001
I'm considering the purchase of another large camp/wilderness/survival knife. I think I've narrowed the choice down to the Busse Battle Mistress, the BKT Brute of the new BKT Bush Hog. I've got a couple of the Becker Knife & Tool items (Machax and Campanion), but haven't seen the new "Bush Hog" yet. Any pictures/stats on it yet? For the price difference the "Bush Hog" might hold an edge (no pun intended)over the Busse. I know I can't go wrong with the Busse, but gotta make the $ go as far as possible. Looking for some opinions from those in the know as I'm still a neophite.
For the money, the Brute is a great deal, I want a Busse, but like you said, got to strech that dollar. Very happy with a Brute.
I think that the Bush Hogs are more like super duper machetes, intended for light vegitation and such. I hear that BMs chop wood like there is no tommorrow. So, if you want a brush chopper, ge the Bush Hog. If you are looking for a wood chopper, i guess you have to choose between the Brute and a BM.

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Hey bsquare....

In my opinion the Becker is a good knife,, only thing that has kept me from buying one is the handles..
My hands aren't small by all means,,I just find the slabs on the Becker line Way to fat for me....

On the other hand my Battle Mistress feels fine and doesn't bother me at all...

I did have to run a sanding black over my BM scales as I found them a little on the rough side..



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If you buy the Busse, you will never have to replace it unless you lose it. It is impossible to wear it out.
Thanks all for your responses. I think I'll try the Busse. I do like my Becker's but with all I've read, I can't go wrong with the Busse. Anyone know why it's called the Battle Mistress? It doesn't seem to fit the standards for a fighting knife, at least from what I've read.
Soldiers seldom have occasion to use a knife for fighting; they have rifles for that. Combat knives are much heavier than dedicated fighting knives.... A combat knife should be usable for fighting, but it's a general-purpose knife that should be able to chop and pry, too.

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The BM will dig a hole, chop a tree, clear a trail, and still beg for more abuse. I know of no other knife made of 1/4 inch steel that can be placed in a vice and bent (with tremendous effort) to a 45 degree angle or more and released, showing no evidence at all of being bent. This flexibility and the ability to hold an edge after cutting something like 20000 pieces of 1 inch manila hemp rope before sharpening is amazing. You get what you pay for.