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Busse Combat and Boyer Blades

Oct 12, 1998
Hi All,
Was wondering if any of you out have had any good/bad experiences from either makers. I was interested in the Busse Combat Basic #3 the small drop point fixed blade and was wondering if they would do a double ground tanto. Also I was interested in the Boyer Blades Mini Personal tanto (3.75 inch blade). If anyone has any info it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
I have the same interest. I have yet to find a site that carries the Busse factory production models.

Hi sing,
they have some info at their website, www.bussecombat.com but are what they have there different from the factory models? thanks.,



I think what they show on the site are the custom models. If you follow some of the threads in the Custom forum, there seems to be a wait for those. I would think the factory models are more accessible and cheaper. But, the Busse site doesn't mention (that I can see) who their dealers are.