Busse Knives

Feb 4, 1999
Anyone know what is going on with Busse? I can not get them on the phone and their website hasn't been updated since 98/4/98. Vacation? Illness? Would like to get in touch with them.
It can be difficult at times to get a hold of them since they're pretty busy. I've found that Thursdays at around noon Ohio time is the best time to call. Aubrey told me that sometimes the grinders are all going at the same time that they can't even hear the phone.

Keep calling. Try first thing in the morning, break time, lunch time and at the end of the day. I talked with Gary Busse before and he said that often the noise in the shop just drowns out the phone. He didn't sound like the sort to avoid you. Good luck.
George, I left them a messege and within an hour I got a call back. If you leave a messege they can understand, they will call you back. Also, you will wait about 6 months for one of their knives. But well worth the wait, from everything I have heard. When you consider their prices, that's not bad for a custom knife.