Busse knives

Jul 26, 1999

Did anybody ever had any problems with ordering Busse
knives ?
I ordered mine in December 1998 and since then I did not hear
anything from them . They charged my Visa . I phoned
over 5 times and left messages, but still did not get any
answers .
Did anybody have any trouble getting in touch with Busse?
Jack from Canada
I have a similar concern. Placed an order about a month ago, have been trying to reach them for over a week with no success. Left several messages (when voice mail isn't full to over capacity) but no luck.
When a credit card is involved, just go to them and have their muscle take care of it. That's what we did when some damned fitness company kept charging us the first payment for this weight lifting thing we never bought. When I say kept charging us, I really mean it; They had charged us this first and more expensive payment (like two hundred dollars) EVERY month until my mother called the credit card company and had it stopped. Everything is cool now, and that hanck company got slapped with a fie and got their means of taking that kind of credit card revoked.


Robert Joseph Ansbro
Hey guys,
What did you all order? And for what uses? I am really wanting to order the steel heart and the Battle Mistress....any advice....should i just buy one....or both.
I am a hunter, camper and a wanna be survivalist....any comments would be appreciated.
Thanks guys

We can't check on our orders
We can't cancel our orders
We can't place additional orders
and neither can you.

The Busse Knife company is not responding to calls. It's a good product; but, if customer service isn't there (as it has not been during the last week for me) the company will lose credibility and fail. I hope Jerry knows what he doing - it seems a silly (if all to common) way to loose a good deal.

p.s. I have been trying to place an additional order. However, now that I've noticed that several people are having similar difficulties I intend to monitor the situation closely over the next few weeks.
it looks like we are all in the same knifeless boat.
now it make those BM that where going for $50.00 over cost look much better.

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sorry to hear of your bad dealing with busse.maby i am just lucky but i seam to be able to reach them ever time i try.In fact i even talked to jerry last sunday.They are so busy he was working on sunday.Dont get mad keep trying.
Hi,just got a fax thru (thanks to Mike Turber posting it on another thread) (oo1)419 923 2337 I've been trying everything ! but people always say that I'm very trying... hope it helps. W
I am having more luck than you guys do
....I placed an order August last year, they charged me $547 on 30, Sept.,98. I sent them email and they said it is their policy to charge first.

Then eight months passed pretty fast, when I received the cc statement this June, Woop! they charged me again ($547. again) on 21May.

Same as usual, they can't be reached on the phone, didn't return emails. I've sent copies of my cc statement via the fax no. Mike give.....but it's already 3 days ago.

I'll send a letter with registered mail tomorrow! I am losing my faith....and temper!


Keep the Faith folks.

Jerry finally returned my calls this morning. He apologied for the delay, and mentioned that they were currently receiving about 900 calls per day (Whew!). I'll let you know how it turns out.
I am glad to hear it. Let's see, 900 calls per day, I wonder how many Battle Mistresses they make per day.....

Dances with lemmings

Deja vu, a'la Emerson Knife Company's conversion from a hand made to production company. Charge first, deliver someday?


Order through a dealer that will keep you up to date like Sid Post, Pete's Tactical knives, etc.. Be upfront about wanting to be kept up to date about delivery times and such. Let them do the calling for you.

There are many other advantages about going through a dealer. They can do grind checks and other fit and finish examinations. And of course the larger dealers either have many of the customs in stock or on order so you would get the knife much faster going through them than ordering it yourself.

I hate to say it, but I feel that charging full price so far in advance is, if not unethical, at the very least outright scumbaggery. A small advance to hold your place is one thing, but this is ridiculous, and being unavailable to respond to phone calls from your customers who have paid in full months in advance is scummy -- whatever the excuse. I'm sorry to see Jerry going this route.

As Cliff said, it does seem smartest to order through a dealer.

When I placed my order, I said I would not pay the full amount until the knife was almost done. Of course, my order is still late. But I am patient. Don't lose faith!
If full price is expected up front, this is new to me. When I ordered, I was simply asked if I would like to leave a deposit. I said yes, and the deal was done. Wonder if there was some sort of policy change over there, it doesn't sound like it would be like Jerry, at least from the times I've talked to him.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

Charging your credit card and shipping months later is illegal, at least in the US -- the Busse company is in the US, isn't it? I am not a lawyer etc. but I think the only way they can legally do that is if they get written permission from you signed in blood and endorsed by both your grandparents.... Seriously, that is not legal unless you sign a contract very explicitly agreeing to that. That contract would have to specify exactly when they will deliver it and if that delivery is delayed more than thirty days beyond that time they'd have to either return your money or get you to sign again agreeing to that delay.

Maybe they can get away with it if all their customers are so eager to get a Busse knife that they don't care how long it takes or how much in advance they have to pay so they don't complain to the authorities. Again I am not a lawyer etc. but I think you have the choice of either making them refund your money or waiting, and if they have customers who are willing to pay months in advance there is no way to force them to stop requiring that -- but it has to be in a contract that you sign, knowingly. Charging your credit card in advance of shipping without your written permission is not legal.

-Cougar Allen :{)