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Busse sheaths

Oct 10, 1998
In all this discussion of the Busse knives, nobody has said anything about the sheaths. I don't even think anyone (including Busse) has posted any sort of picture of them.

So will anyone comment on the sheaths for these things? How's the fit and finish, what style are they, can they be easily attached to a backback strap, that sort of thing.

I can try to answer, but this is based on the non-Basic INFI Steel Heart II, and I'm not sure if there are many differences between the Basic and non-Basic sheaths.

The sheaths are a rather stout kydex design with a tie-down strap, with the option of a higher-rise carry, or a drop carry, by simply adding or removing the top portion of the drop portion of the belt loop. If worn in drop fashion, it can be unbuckled and unstrapped from the thigh around camp or any other time it doesn't need to be actually worn.

I personally think it's a nice, sturdy design, very secure, simple, and effective. I'm not sure about strapping it to a shoulder strap on a pack, as I'm only 5'6", so I don't have alot of shoulder strap room for knife carry for something the size of the Steel Heart, let alone a Battle Mistress. I haven't seen the Basic series sheath yet, but if it's similar in design and construction to the non-Basic line, they should be winners as well. Here's a rough image of the Steel Heart combo, the quality isn't the best, but it may help.

Don LeHue

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Well I have a Mean Street and a Battle Mistress. The sheath for the Battle Mistress is as described above and is acceptable. Its very basic and functional. The fit and finish is average. I have had sheaths from Dozier and custom sheaths from the Cutlerry shoppe that have been a lot better. The sheath for the Mean street needs more of an improvement. The fit was loose and the knife would fall out if the sheath was held inverted. I had to tighten the fit by using a heat gun. The mean street also uses two exposed screws near the waistline to secure the belt loop to the sheath. These screws can wear holes into your pants with long use. Hope this helps.
I've only had some of the 7's come through here, but Don's picture looks exactly like what came on them with some exceptions.

Using the position of the sheath as seen in the picture there are two slots on the bottom for the leg strap to go through. One is located toward the right tip and the other about in the middle. This is to give you two positions for the leg strap, I suppose.

On this sheath there are three screws holding the belt strap to the sheath instead of two as Dan noted. They are Phillips head.

Also, there is a hole through the kydex in the sheath that mates up with the lanyard hole in the blade. When you insert the knife you can look straight through the hole since they match up. Why it's there, I don't know. I guess you could pass a lanyard through to secure the knife in the sheath. To remove the knife you would HAVE TO remove the lanyard.

None of the sheaths I've seen so far would allow the knife to slide out if held upside down.

Hope that helps!

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Is that the lanyard hole at the butt or the one at the choil (is that one even for a lanyard -- what is that hole for anyway)?

Perhaps it is to secure the knife for parachuting (I am assuming that Busse sheaths are jump rated)...?

Clay Fleischer
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I know on the old BK&T Magnums, the sheath had a hole which lined up with the hole in the choil, and a brass peg on a button-down strap slid through to secure the knife.
I remember that sheath. Nice setup. I wish High Desert Holsters would implement that in the new Busse sheaths. With the current retaining strap system, the knife tends to cut the nylon strap if you don't move it away as you withdraw or reinsert the knife into the sheath.

I was told the hole at the choil is intended for a finger lanyard. Maybe it's true maybe it isn't.

Ron Knight

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