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Busse Steel Heart 1

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Aug 7, 2004
I have an ever so slightly used Busse Steel Heart 1 for sale. It looks like it was only used by a little old lady on Saturday nights, sharpened on her fine china, and never used to cut anything hard. :rolleyes:

Ok, maybe that is a stretch, but it is a great knife and the black coating is barely scratched. It doesn't like me because I don't use it enough. The knife is sterile and comes with a nylon and kydex-lined sheath by "Eagle USA". This one is, I think, ATS-34 (you Busse buffs correct me if I am wrong). :footinmou I will send pictures if anyone is interested. For $645.00 I will insure and ship in the US. Cashier's check or money orders only, please. Please email me at parang1@comcast.net. (Yes, this is also posted in the "Production" section :footinmou )

Thanks for looking. This little beauty has found a home. :D