Busse vs. Cold Steel

Jan 24, 1999
We've all heard talk of the Battle Mistress vs. the Trailmaster, but what about the Steel Heart II vs. the REcon Scout. There about the same size I believe.
Hey Rudy, I'd like to see that same review. I have a Recon that I've been trying to destroy for about two years but the thing is way tough. The edge is the only thing that seems susceptible to damage, but it is also really easy to sharpen up. I have used it for throwing, chopping and heavy prying.
I will be testing the new version of the Battle Mistress against the Trailmaster as they seem to be in about the same price range. The results should pass down to the smaller knives. It would be cost prohibitive to test every available knife.

On a side note I will offer each knife we test at a discount to members after testing. This way we can test more knives without loosing money. I will not take most knives to failure so they will be in pretty good shape except you may need to sharpen them.
Hey Mike,

You didn't manage to get any pics of Busse's budget line did you. We are all interested in seeing them. Are they pretty much along the current lines. What kind of pricing.

As an owner of two Steel Heart II's (A2 & INFI), I have shown them around alot and generated drooling responses. That is, until I tell them the price and suddenly they all dry up. It would be great to let them in on something new AND in their price range.