Aug 15, 2000
Don't take my word for it, read:

I WISH SOMEONE WOULD HAVE LET ME KNOW ABOUT IT BEFORE!!!!! I am posting this to let you other guys know that this is an awesome knife. I WISH, AND I MEAN WISH, someone would have told me about this knife sooner, because my collection would be much smaller, now that I've found IT!!!!!.
I recieved my first SERE today, and I've already ordered another one. This is the BEST production knife I own, and I would be hard pressed to name another I like as much.
Something else I didn't hear anywhere else, is this knife is built like a tank!!!, it has thick liners and a thick liner lock. It is bigger than I expect (to me that is good) The sides are perfectly lined up with the liners. The knife has a beutiful mirror finish. It has all of the best features in just about any knife. And the price is almost unbelieveable. IMO this is a much better buy for the money than an emerson.

It also has a reversible clip and a spearpoint blade, both of which I love. Not to mention that the clip allows the knife to ride very low, meaning you won't have trouble with losing the knife because It got snagged on something.

I like my 2000, but I would like a better thumb stud than my shink rapped version and want a darker clip. I tried to send such a request via their web site ( a poor effort ), but no answer. Does anyone have a phone number, address, or Email??????????
How does the tip look on it? How do you think it would stand up to prying?

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The tip is a dagger-like spear point. Now, it's not super-pointy or anything, but it's clearly not made for prying. In fact, the only knives I would even consider prying with are a SOLID tanto point or a Drop point.
This is definitely a great folder. I did return mine though because it is made for righties and I found the thumb stud uncomfortable for a leftie. If you're right handed, BUY IT!
I did notice that. There is no cutout on the other side. That would make opening uncomfortable. I noticed that on the Benchmade McHenry&Williams Large Axis lock folder suffers from this also (but there's no cutout on either side). And there are a couple of features which I don't prefer, but these are ones that most other people dig, so I can live with it, give the overall quality.
Pergatory: Thanks to your praise of the SERE, I did the last thing I should do. I ordered one. I am really looking forward to it. I purchased it thru Bayou Lafourche. He had one left!

Did you notice that Al Mar will be making one with a 5" blade mid 2001.
You won't regret it. When I pulled it out of the box, I couldn't believe how much of a knife I got for the $. And as for the 5"; that's almost certain to be on my wish list.

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Oh, and Jayharley, I think you'll find that you are actually taking a money-saving step. There will be many less production folders that you will interested in, now that you have your SERE.
It's true. Since I got my SERE I have had zero interest in all other production folders. This is by far my favorite knife and I carry it every day. Got my Dad one for his birthday and he is equally smitten. Custom folders may be another story however....

Peter Atwood
Gary H: Here is Al Mar's address and phone number.

Al Mar Knives
Attn: G. Fadden, Dept. BL3
PO Box 2295
Tualatin, OR 97062
(503) 670-9080