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C.S. #34XTH vs #34GXTH

Nov 16, 1998

The Gunsite Folder has jimping on the blade and a semi false edge where as the XL Tanto Voyager with the 50/50 edge doesn't.

I kind of like the Gunsite Folder a tad more because of these two features which the Voyager lacks. Just wondering, how many of you out there that have either one of these prefer the Gunsite over the Voyager or doesn't it matter? Is it worth the extra 5-10 bucks for the Gunsite?

To me it is. Feel a little safer with that jimping on the blade!



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Isn't the Gunsite folder suppose to be a little stronger?? Be a tad thicker or something. Hold more weight on the lock??
The specs Cold Steel gives are the same except the weight on the #34XTH is 5.3 and the #34GXTH is 5.4.

I have both together here, and the only difference I can visually see is the jimping, the false edge, and of course the markings on the blade.

Being more steel is removed from the Gunsite Folder (jimping and false edge), you would think that the Gunsite Folder would weigh less, then? Go figure!


I only have the gunsite folder, not both and love it.
Not only does the traction on the top of the blade aid in the prevention of the thumb from slipping it adds to the appearence of the blade. Well worth the money and then some.


I have only got the gunsite, And I love it hey this sound like the last guy. But I bought the gunsite because of the way it looked, now I am glad I did it is my everday carry now , I love O I aready said.

And one more thing the lock is stronger on the gunsite, it is said to hold 130lbs and the Voyager is said to hold 125lbs it is only 5lbs but it is stronger.

-Greg Johnson


I was told by Cold Steel last year when the Gunsite Folder first came out that the XL Voyager with the clip blade holds a 125lbs. free hanging weight, but both the XL Voyager Tanto's and Gunsite Folders locks are the same and hold 130lbs. free hanging weight.

This 5lb. difference is due to the handle shape somewhat.

Either way, I do prefer the Gunsite because of it couple added features.



FWIW, I like the design features on the GS & didn't mind paying a bit extra to get them.

I just noticed something with my Gunsite Folder. I compared it to Mark's Gunsite Folder and it is a little different.

Mark got his last year from the first batch that was released he told me, and I got mine about 2 months ago. The thumb studs on mine are smaller than his and the jimping configuration is a little different.

The blade is tighter on mine than his is, course this could be that mine is much newer. The last thing I notice is Gunsite Logo is much bolder and darker than the logo on his.

Overall, I like mine better than the original for the reasons above. Has anyone else noticed these little improvements?


I only have the XLT Voyager, but I love it all the same. I have yet to try the Gunsite but I will stick with the other one for now.

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I've got the Gunsite, but I didnt like the painted Gunsite logo on the blade, so I used some metal glo on it and in about 2 min. I got a very nice deep etch of it instead, It now looks like the etch on the other side of the blade of the CS logo. I think it looks much better!....

That's good to know. If the logo ever wears off, at least it will still be inscribed or engraved in the blade! I like the logo myself, dresses up the knife even more so.

No way am I going to purposely remove it off of my knife.

Thankyou, ti