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C.S. Magnum Tantos?

Jun 20, 1999

I planned to purchase a C.S. Magnum Tanto IX, but then I thought, " Am I making a big mistake and wasting $?" Advice?
It depends on what you're planning to do with your Magnum Tanto IX.

I have mine which I bought, but never used, not even once. I just bring it out once or twice, just to look at it and admire it, but I can't bear to even use it at all, as I'm afraid I might damage the beauty of the blade.

I'm currently selling it or trading it with some other knife. If you consider getting one, give me a yell.
We can probably work something out.

I had one of the older 9" bladed Magnum tanto's and really liked the feel and carry of the blade. Chopped some branches, as I'm want to do when they are in the way to my mail box! I liked my older one better than the newer ones they are making, ONLY because the one I owned had a peaked back which I felt was a very nice touch, more Japanese style. Must have been too cost prohibited to continue doing that so now they are just flat topped on the back of the blade, the rest of the knife was very well made with a good fit up.

As what happens to most of my knives, I needed another or different knife and traded that for a custom tanto balisong, with ivory micarta inserts from pacific cutlery, nice knife and a good trade, but I do miss that tanto, doubt that you can find one with the peaked back now, it was also San Mai steel. I guess I could grind the peak onto a new knife? but wouldn't want to, in case I screw it up.....

My, alittle more than, .02

When a fellow says, "it ain't the money but the principle of the thing,"
it's the money.
F. McKinney Hubbard


[This message has been edited by Gary W. Graley (edited 22 June 1999).]
Hello Gary!

Hmmm.. I didn't know that the older Magnum Tantos have a peaked back? By back, you mean the spine, right?

Do you happen to have a picture of that knife or something? Just out of curiousity I guess.

Hi Danny,
No photo, sorry, and yes it is the spine area that was peaked, very nicely done to!

It's been several years since I had that one. Maybe Cold Steel has some kicking around?

Ehehehe... I seriously doubt that.
Though I've seen some Master Tantos which are quite old (circa 80's I think) with brass fittings being sold. So I guess someone might just make that mistake someday.

I just don't have the heart to use this Magnum Tanto IX that I have right now. I'd rather just get another one which I can use without feeling remorse.